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Melisa Kennedy's

Good Vibes Journey

A former teacher turned talk show host, author and publisher, Melisa is a champion for all those who aspire to raise their cosmic knowledge as well as their energy fields at every stage of life. Melisa’s trademark zest for life, positive outlook and purposeful attitude have endeared her to fans now more than ever and loves working to help others reach their cosmic knowledge and energy goals, no matter their age, size or background.



"Of all life's pursuits large or small, I believe there may be none greater than one seeking the truth."

Wife. Mama.

UFO CON Founder & CEO.    

The UFO Woman.

RH- Theorist.  Ufologist.  Paranormal Investigator

 Author. Publisher.

- Melisa Kennedy



Make this dystopian novel yours today with its thrilling alien and human struggle.

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Book Synop

Eighteen-year-old Mae Morgan lives alone with her mother in a small West Virginia town. Blood Of The Kingdom is a new dystopian trilogy that addresses the human struggles for survival when an invasion by the Royal Asilem (RA), a highly advanced race from the heavens, occurs in the near future. The RA exercises political control and wishes only to procreate with one blood type. DNA experiments become a sport the RA enjoys as their deadly Genesis Games are played to see which human hybrid they create is left standing.  Deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, Blood Of The Kingdom captures the struggle between falling victim to a superior alien race, defying our human instincts, and satisfying our desires. This is a love story and a sci-fi thriller rolled into one.  But one thing is constantly on everyone's mind: 


What is your blood type?

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My name is


and I'm The UFO Woman. I'm a wife and a mother. I’m obsessed with UFOs, paranormal and seeking the truth. Welcome to my universe!

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