I was born and raised in West Virginia. I went to school in Bridgeport and graduated West Virginia University.  I spent most of my childhood creating, imagining, and visiting the woods near my home.  I even recall a few incidents that I can't explain that began my fascination with supernatural, aliens, and UFOs.


As a student, I remember a science class project where we tested our blood type.  I was the only one to have RH- blood, which I found weird.  Fast forward to my adult life, when I had unusual miscarriages.  Eventually I was pregnant with my daughter in 2001, when I had to have shots so my body would not “reject” the baby growing inside me. This finally pushed me over the edge of curiosity as to why any baby would be rejected by a mother’s body.

Isn’t it natural to be pregnant?   Why did my body think this RH positive baby was foreign, or even worse, alien to me?

After 18 years of reading and researching everything from RH- blood to aliens, I decided there has never been a better time for me to take this on than now. So I began writing my book, Blood Of The Kingdom, in November 2018 as I felt a tug at my heart to share my ideas in a fictional book trilogy that both entertained and opened the reader to other worldly origins. My intention is to awaken our minds to unorthodox ideas of how Earth was visited by beings not of this planet - in the past, present and future. UFO crash sites I have personally visited and researched include Roswell, New Mexico and Flatwoods, West Virginia, which further peeked my curiosity. I’ve always believed there could be alternative explanations to what we have been taught about our human origins and beliefs. To my surprise, my research as a RH - theorist suggested and challenged the history we've been taught. All of these theories and findings I have seen convince me, now more than ever, that we need to know the truth.​

I now reside in Orlando, Florida where I enjoy wearing my many "hats" - author, RH- theorist, ufologist, paranormalist, magazine publisher, and UFO Con president.  This journey continues to put me in touch with new colleagues who quickly become friends, as well as taking me to new places.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Now I have one question for you.  I am ready to accept the fact we may not be alone in the universe. Are you?

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