Would you like to talk to Melisa and appear on her show? Our producers are always looking for guests! Check out our latest listings because we want to hear from you!

UFO Sighting?

Have you had an amazing UFO sighting or encounter? Did your experience change you? If you have an incredible story, UFO connection or want to give a shout-out about your experience, we want to hear from you!

UFO Hunter?

Are you a ufologist or UFO hunter / investigator who has devoted your career to researching? Have you helped solve cases? If you’re a ufologist who wants to discuss cases, we want to hear from you!

Need Some Help?

Do you have trouble getting past your UFO or alien encounter?  Is a friend or family member making fun of you or not believing you and you need Melisa’s help in getting your life back to normal? We want to hear from you.

Family Not In It

Are you constantly trying to tell your family UFOs exist? Does it seem like they won't believe you no matter what? Do you wonder why and how you can convince them? We want to hear from you.

Are You A Skeptic?

Are you a UFO skeptic who can’t imagine they are real? Is there something about it that seems impossible for you to believe?  Tell us why you are skeptic with several examples of your reasoning.  We want to hear from you!

Have a Biz?

Do you have a business, write books or sell UFO products?  Our audience paired with Melisa's fun, outgoing, and outspoken personality will boost your business into outer space!  We want to hear from you.

Scared of Aliens?

Do you believe they exist but scared of what may happen when the truth is exposed?  Is there something specific you are afraid of?  Give us examples of why you are uncomfortable with the idea of aliens – we want to hear from you.

The Biggest Fan?

Are you the biggest fan of aliens and UFOs?  Is your home decorated with all things outer space?  Are you counting down the days to UFOCon®? Do you adore The UFO Woman and can't wait for Melisa's show? 

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Being on The UFO Woman Show is strictly voluntary and is not compensated.  Must be 18 years old.  By applying, you are not guaranteed to be on the show, but if chosen to be, you grant Melisa Kennedy and the show's producers the use of your name, photos, and all video footage taped during the show for airing, promoting, and marketing.



the show

"The UFO Woman Show" is the newest destination for fun, informative, and lighthearted talk about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and disclosure, featuring UFOCon® founder, wife, mother and America’s beloved theorist, Melisa Kennedy. "The UFO Woman Show" will present the biggest newsmakers and names in the UFO community and beyond; as well as emerging new theorists and people who are beacons of hope. Melisa will also connect with everyday people and everyday relatable issues of disclosure about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Streaming January 2020!

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