UFO Hunters of America, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. 


Our mission is to have a positive contribution to society as part of our ongoing and engaging network of educational content, events, entertainment and network of investigators where we promote knowledge, discussion, awareness, and generate support for UFO, extraterrestrial, and paranormal research through our efforts to have a positive impact on society.

As a nonprofit, our goal is to inspire, explore and apply education of UFOs in ways that can advance human knowledge and have a profound impact on the future of humanity.  We accomplish our efforts through three divisions:  entertainment, education, and a field investigator network.

Whether you have UFO sightings to share, armchair UFO investigator aspirations, or want to train and join our investigation team, UFO Hunters of America, Inc is here for you.  Please join us in our quest to seek the truth.


Education - Community - Media - Entertainment

UFO Hunters of America, Inc. is a new and highly reputable organization that uses a variety of methods and theories including a scientific approach to prove/disprove the reports of UFOs, paranormal and unexplained occurrences we receive.  All of this lays the groundwork for our researcher team, members and contributors investigating these phenomenon. We also invite you to attend one of our UFO CON events or go to a local meeting. We feature speakers and experts at all of our educational events. Should your interest be piqued, why not join us here at UFO Hunters of America, Inc?

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