• Melisa Kennedy

5G: Warnings & Protection

Since President Trump signed 5G and broadband mapping legislation into law this past week, there’s little chance of a significant shift in how these types of technologies are going to effect our health. We can mitigate EMFs a little but their effects on our health remains truly unforeseen.

Here is a comprehensive list of how you can protect yourself, at least somewhat:

Anti-Radiation Shields Purchasing an EMF shield, as well as continuing to measure the levels of radiation within 100 feet of your home is a good thing. Research all the consumer products in this category so that you can protect yourself as much as possible.

Raise Your Vibration Regularly working and wearing crystals help raise your own vibrational frequency. This will help fight the effects of 5G.

Eating & Drinking We often forget how powerful the right food or drink is for our health. In addition to Vitamin D, super green powders and apple cider vinegar with "mother" can drastically improve our energy, immune systems, emotions, and overall health.

In closing, here is my advice to everyone. Become educated on the true 5G hazards as well as other dangers like flouride in our water. Don't believe the advertisements and hype the big companies and governments are feeding us. Be smarter.

If we do these things correctly, we can reduce the corporate and government grips, which would reduce their profits and decrease our personal expenses to our health, our children, and our planet.

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