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Updated: Apr 12

Porch swings are so fun and playful, plus they are more social than people realize. For over 10 years I've wanted one, and now I finally do. But this little charmer needed a little TLC...

As I've said before, I'm lucky enough to own Plains Cottage (formerly Howell-Bagwell home). My 114 year old farmhouse has plenty of charm, and layers of neglect that needs attention.

My passion is to breathe new life into this historical beauty. Below you can see I've added my homemade wreath and a few garden decorations, but I'm waiting to see what Spring flowers and plants are going to pop up before I go digging up anything!

I believe much will thrive here, and honestly, that makes me happy! The house is so open, with so many rooms in which to decorate and transform. It is one-story, so I like that I don't have stairs to clean anymore.

I started to restore this sweet porch swing by using Beeswax Wood Seasoning product and I am very impressed with how well it works. I always opt for natural products when possible, so this was the perfect choice.

I simply rubbed it into the wood with a rag and the difference it made was amazing. I think I am going to use this all over the cottage to restore the wood doors and trim.

Here's a look at the difference between the beeswax side and the side I hadn't touched yet.

When I get the front porch all done, I will post an update! But so far, so good.

One more thing that must go right away is this wheelchair ramp. I have big plans for this section of the house... (hint: roses and tea parties)

I love a clean and simple cottage style. I love white, specifically chippy white paint. I also like to use different textures such as cast iron and brick to add interest. I believe that every house needs a good blend of old and new pieces which is what I'm going to try to accomplish here.

I just LOVE all the old fireplaces in the cottage!!

But one thing is for sure -- the outdoor laundry "room" has got to go! I've done laundry outside for the past two weeks in 40 degrees and let me tell you, it is not fun.

So I am drawing up my design plans to turn this old laundry space on the back porch into a proper indoor laundry room -- complete with a chandelier. Before and after photos will be coming soon.

As you can see, this area needs WORK! My hope is to have the new laundry room done within a month or so.

I hope you enjoyed my update. Everyday I am adding more projects to the "To Do" list it seems like, but I'm falling in love with the cottage more and more. To read more about Plains Cottage, click here.

I hope you get a chance to swing on my front porch – or any swing for that matter as long as you do it with friends, right!?

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