• Melisa Kennedy

EMF & 5G: How to Protect Ourselves

What is EMF?

EMF stands for electrical magnetic field. We are constantly surrounded by technology—cell phones, computers, televisions, Wifi and the list goes on and on. EMFs have been linked to loss of hearing, constriction of blood flow to major organs, poor digestion and immune systems, increased blood pressure, hearth rate and blood sugar, arthritis, anxiety, depression and even increased chance of cancer.

Now what about that 5G we all love so much? No harm in that, right?

Let's first learn what 5G (or 5th Generation) technology really is first. It refers to the latest trend in wireless systems, involving larger channels, higher speeds, and the ability to connect a host of devices from one location. How is it related to EMFs, you ask? Well it's like turning on a microwave oven in every room of your house, and then opening the oven door!

With 5G towers and mini-stations being installed throughout our planet, we appear to be building a global microwave oven. Oh, and there's one more little tidbit: microwaves may cause cancer too.

I asked Dr. Yafi at Healing Crystals by Yafi about this subject. "The stones that I like to use best to protect from EMFs are shungite and selenite: Shungite is a black stone/mineraloid from Russia that contains fullerenes. It has many amazing properties, such as the ability to purify water and protect from radioactivity.

Selenite is a beautiful angelic white mineral. It has many healing and calming properties, and it naturally clears and cleanses negative energy—including electromagnetic radiation."

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