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Updated: Feb 10

Hello and welcome to my chippy white cottage, a 1906 beauty that I hope to retire in someday! I am excited to finally share with you the fixer upper I just purchased.

It needs a ton of restoration and a "Melisa makeover", but this #fixerupper will be so worth it one day. I’ve been away from blogging and posting for quite a long time now. Life got super busy over this past three months with moving, unpacking, and the pandemic. I’m thankful to finally feel settled and happy to be blogging again. It’s funny… I spend part of my time in this historical cottage and my other time living in an RV. One extreme "home" to another, don't you think!

This home is my Hallmark movie dream come true (yes, I love the sweet and simple movies on Hallmark!). I’ve always been drawn to historic towns, and their little antique shops, local restaurants and the general grassroots feel of the town. I actually discovered it when a new home listing popped up on my historic homes search, which was no accident. From the first moment I saw it, I could envision bringing it back to life. I loved the story of the house.

Well here is a first look at the side porch. I am still working on this charmer, so as things get done I will share the before and after photos with you.

I knew this project would take a huge chunk of time in my life. Not only am I restoring a historic fixer upper cottage, but it's in another whole state which is challenging since I live and work in Florida.

This property is always surprising me with its little bits of charm and history tucked in at every corner. My sweet cottage style home even came with a huge shabby and chippy white painted chicken coop that could be used like a barn, craft shed, or for the moment -- storage until I unpack everything.

I am thankful to have this historical cottage that I've dreamed of for years and hope to get it ready to retire in someday. So as you can see, this cottage was seriously calling my name! Ha!

Well I hope you’ll continue to follow. I have soooo much to share including some more historical home restorations and makeovers. Plus don't forget I also live in an RV, so I'll have campground advice, cooking recipes and more!

Until next time...



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