How to Grow Aloe Vera Plants in Your RV

Whether you're growing aloe plants inside or outside your RV, those spiky leaves contain something magical.

What is easy to grow in your RV that's pretty, decorative, and green all over? That would be the aloe vera house plant, a succulent you can grow while you are full time RVing that's just as pretty as it is practical.

This easygoing desert native tolerates forgetful waterers and beginner RV gardeners while providing wonderful air purifying and healthy skin benefits.

Give your new potted plant baby a bright but indirect light location in your RV. Also, give it a good watering every two weeks and it will thank you.

What You'll Need

Here's my aloe vera plant sitting next to my bed in the RV bedroom. It is a great plant to have next to your bed for a good night's sleep!

Aloe has won over many RV gardeners for its hardiness and ease to car for when you are full time RVing. Let's face it, we don't want any house plant that is complicated to deal with when we are RVing.

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