• Melisa Kennedy

The Human Hybrid Theory

Are all humans from the same origin? What if there was another origin that has been kept secret?

People I have interviewed who claim to have been abducted by aliens have one thing in common. Almost all say their DNA was manipulated and that human-alien hybrids live among us.

Some believe Rh-negative blood is simply a mutation. I don't believe that at all. If that were the case, then why does a Rh - negative mother have to receive shots in order to carry her baby to term? If not, the mother's body will attack the fetus as it is seen as an alien object. Or why would a blood transfusion from a positive blood type be fatal to a negative blood type?

If this still seems too bizarre to be real, let's think about the animal kingdom. When we look at hybrid animals in other species, there are similar incompatibilities! For example, when a horse and donkey mate, the genetic differences result in a sterile mule. The same goes for a lion and a tiger – the two species chromosomes simply don’t match. Why? Because they are different species and thus they produce infertile offspring. Could there be a similar incompatibility between Rh-negative mothers and Rh-positive babies?

My answer is a profound, "Yes."

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