My Cottage Garden is Starting To Bloom!

Does anything say cottage fabulous like a charming flower garden? There is nothing quite like seeing some beautiful blooms peep out in the middle of winter.

For years I have pinned cottage and garden posts on my Pinterest account hoping to one day have my very own! Well luckily that dream came true about a month ago when I bought my chippy white farmhouse cottage.

So …pour yourself a yummy mug of your favorite brew…sit back…relax and prepare to enjoy a few flower, herb and outdoor garden pics from my historical cottage. Be sure to subscribe and follow me because Spring is just around the corner, y'all.

My hope is to restore both the chippy white painted chicken coop building and cottage home alongside a garden of yesteryear, specifically from the early 1900's when it was all built. This is the start to my old-fashioned cottage garden.

The cottage garden I am planning today will provide a quiet sanctuary from the chaos that's all around us in 2021. The only chaos here is gonna come from deciding on which assortment of plantings I want to buy, LOL.

Antique (or romantic) structures such as arbors will be my cottage garden mainstays, as well as the occasional found object weaved in here and there. I will be sharing those with y'all soon, so stay tuned.

Here's a sneak peek of the chippy white painted chicken coop aka huge farm building...

Lots of work to do!! My cottage garden will eventually contain a diversity of roses, flowering plants, and herbs that will delight all the senses and create a natural, relaxed atmosphere.

And that’s it, for now! With a few more plantings to do and some good Spring weather, you’ll be seeing more from my cottage garden soon.

Tag me on Instagram (@melisakennedyofficial) if you want to share your cottage garden, or if you're just starting out then show me you growing seedlings!

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