• Melisa Kennedy

My Interview with Paranormal Investigator, Dave Spinks from TV Show, The UnXplained

You just made several appearances on the new History Channel’s The UnXplained with William Shatner. What was the initial reaction to the program?

Yes, I filmed several episodes for the show on various topics, which included evil places and strange creatures. I believe the series went over very well with the public. In fact, the initial ratings are very high on the show. I believe it was #14 out of the top 100 TV shows the first week and number #1 out of the all the other paranormal related shows. I mean you can't go wrong when the show host is William Shatner, right?

What did it feel like to see yourself on William Shatner’s show?

I must say it was surreal and a bit overwhelming when you realize you are on a show that Mr. Shatner is the host of. He is an icon in Hollywood and it was a pleasure and very humbling to be on a show that he is the star of and also a producer of. I grew up watching him on Star Trek and other great shows. I would have never imagined being on TV with him.

So the haunted house called Willows Weep that aired on The UnXplained — tell us what that is.

Do you have an entire magazine that can devote itself to just Willows Weep? Lol, seriously because there is so much to this location it would literally take something like that to explain this house and its history. There is more being uncovered about this house on a constant basis. 

But I'll give you the broad strokes of the house. Built in the late 1800s in the shape of a cross, it has a crossroads directly in front of it. It has several known deaths that have occurred within its walls, at least one suicide and possibly two more. There have been many paranormal investigators in the house that have experienced hair-raising things such as being touched by unseen things, 

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