• Melisa Kennedy

Pennsylvania UFO Story

A Pennsylvania witness, Anita Biers, was walking at night years ago when she saw a bright disc in the sky. She reported her story to me here on my site, The UFO Woman.

"I lived in a place called Sky Terrace, a low income housing development built after WWII that set on a hill, open to a clear sky. Many times at night my brother would say he would see UFO's but I just ignored him. When this happened to me he had moved away and I had just graduated and still lived with my parents. I was walking to the local store to kill some time hoping a boy I liked would show up or I would hear something about him since we were a small group of residents at the time.

As I was walking up the hill to the Alumni Bridge which is above a highway, I happened to look up and see a light in the sky. I ignored it, thinking it was a plane or helicopter although it made no sound to indicate it was the latter and wasn't really moving much. Once in a while I would look back at it and it was still in the sky just sitting there. I got to the store and stayed about fifteen or twenty minutes. I read some magazines and looked around and finally saw this boys mom and her boyfriend come in so I picked out a pack gum or something and went to the register behind them. I didn't hear them talk about him and I didn't ask so after they left I bought the gum and waited until they drove away to leave.

I began walking and when I got to the bridge I noticed the light in the sky was still just sitting there. Everything was silent and I tried to figure out how it could just sit in the sky and not move. It was a completely open sky and nothing could have created that light in the middle. Overhead lamps lit the bridge and I kind of felt like I was in a spot light because of this. I began to grow scared. At the end of the bridge as I walked down the hill I looked up and suddenly the light seemed to be dropping a bit in the sky and moving toward me. My heart was racing and I began to pick up speed and ascend the hill. Our apartment was right in front and I ran across the yard and slammed the front door shut. I told my dad there was something out there and we looked out the back door but whatever it was had vanished.

I was never so scared walking alone. I had the feeling that if I had not run it would have taken me. I never walked that bridge alone at night after that and never saw it again."

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