Plains Cottage: How My Historic Project Came To Be

Updated: Apr 1

I bought this ultimate fixer upper project: a cottage built in 1906! This historic cottage fixer upper project is the challenge of all challenges.

When I bought this fixer upper in December 2020, it was known as the Bagwell House because that's the family who built in back in 1906 but completed in 1907.

My first trip to Plains, as you can see below, made quite the impression. So I made an offer the same day on the historic home.

I purchased and closed on the home the week of Christmas 2020, which “is an iconic piece of Plain’s history.”

I love bringing Plains Cottage back to its former glory, and yeah, there’s challenges, things to buy and a lot of hard work, but I think just bringing life back into this space that had kind of been left for dead is what I find the most satisfying.

Here's a look at the beginnings of many restoration and improvement projects going on here at Plains Cottage. For example, the English rose garden and vegetable container garden at the cottage will be great additions to the Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Trail here in Plains, Georgia.

We want to be good neighbors. We want to shine a new light on Plains, Georgia. Here I am with former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter, here at my home I now call -- Plains Cottage.

The Carters have already done a lot for the small town of course, but I'm kind of looking at it from a different angle to feature this town and cottage's history from my point of view so that everybody knows what all exists here.

One idea I have for historic Plains Cottage is to host small intimate events, weddings, styled shoots, and tea parties here at my property in Southern Georgia.

My experience as a magazine publisher has told me you can never find a new and unique place to have a styled photo shoot or wedding venue for a small wedding.

Stay tuned as I will be updating on the availability and special events hosted here at Plains Cottage. #PlainsCottage #PlainsGA #PlainsGeorgia #Cottage

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