Sweet Strawberry Tea

With strawberries popping up nearly every day now in my RV garden, I'm having to find lots of creative ways to use these sweet babies so I do not waste a single berry!

Whether you serve this sweet and delicious tea hot or cold is up to you. And to be honest, it's amazing either way but here in sunny, warm Florida we typically serve it up as sweet strawberry iced tea. Enjoy my recipe!


2 cups freshly brewed organic black tea

3 strawberries

1 tablespoon raw sugar


Brew your black tea as instructed on the bag. Puree the strawberries in your blender or NutriBullet like I did. Add sugar to your tea and stir in strawberry puree. Strain berry bits if you do not wish to have them. I personally left mine because I love strawberries so much that I didn't want to waste anything!

What I truly love about this sweet strawberry tea is that I get the fresh fruit infused into my iced tea and knowing that I grew these strawberries in my RV garden is icing on the cake!

Whenever possible, I use healthful, readily available ingredients and focus on making recipes that take less than twenty minutes to make from start to cleanup.

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