The 5 BEST Things to See in Plains, Georgia

Updated: Apr 11

There are so many exciting and historical places in Plains, GA, so it can be difficult to figure out what to do on your visit.

To make planning your trip a little easier, I’ve compiled this helpful list of 5 things to do in Plains, Georgia - home to the 39th President Jimmy Carter, peanuts, our beloved Plains Cottage, and more!

In my opinion, your trip to Plains, GA should be at least two days in order to see it all and truly appreciate all it has to offer. I will suggest places to eat, shop, stay, and see below.

1. Plains Train Depot

According to the National Park Service, the Plains Depot is the oldest building in Plains, Georgia having been constructed in 1888. The Plains Depot served as our 39th President Jimmy Carter's campaign headquarters. Today you can go right up next to it when you take the Sam Line passenger service.

Here you will find the a self-guided museum with exhibits focusing on Jimmy Carter’s political campaigns.

I'm standing here on the end of the train depot where you can sit a spell on rocking chairs and bathe in the Plains Train Depot history.

So be sure to make this your first stop on your trip to Plains, Georgia so you get a sense of the town's history.

2. Historic Downtown Plains, Georgia

Across from the Plains Train Depot you will find the adorable downtown area. Here will may even find the 39th President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalyn Carter taking a walk!

Here’s a full list of places to eat, shop, play and stay here in historic downtown Plains, Georgia.

Plains, Georgia // shopping My cottage is located within walking distance to historical downtown Plains where you can shop at the Antique Mall, General Store, Flower Shop, and Women's Boutique.

Plains, Georgia // restaurants Our town has two restaurants to choose from - the Buffalo Cafe (formerly Plains Bank) and Bonita's Restaurant.

Buffalo Cafe is on the historic downtown strip. It offers a menu filled with soups, sandwiches, and peanut butter pie! Dine in or carry out service available. See my full restaurant review, restaurant photos, and menu here.

Bonita's Restaurant is across the street from the downtown strip in Plains, Georgia. It offers daily southern specials cooked from scratch. Dine in or carry out service available.

3. Jimmy Carter's Boyhood Farm in Plains, Georgia

A short drive from historic downtown Plains, this National Park is one you don't want to miss. I've visited there several times since I bought Plains Cottage. And it never disappoints me!

I have a full article devoted to the Jimmy Carter Farm National Park here.

4. Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Trail

I am happy to have Plains Cottage be a part of the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail which begins here in Plains, Georgia at the home of President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter. The Carter's garden contains nectar and host plants which provides habitat for butterflies common in our area.

To find out how you can join the trail, please visit their website here.


This is a private residence, however, we love visitors who want to see our cottage gardens. With over 2,500 wildflower seeds and numerous rose gardens planted, it is a refuge for birds, butterflies, plants, and wildlife of all kinds -- including the human kind!

Read about my purchase of Plains Cottage (formerly 1907 Howell-Bagwell home) just a few months ago. I have much more to do here, but it is coming along nicely.

I am with the lovely former First Lady Rosalyn Carter here at my cottage.

I hope you make it to Plains, Georgia real soon. You'll be glad you did! #plainsgeorgia #plainscottage #jimmycarter #southgeorgia

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