Unusual Cookware for Preparing RV Dinners

Roughing it? Or glamping it up?

Here are a few of my best pieces of nontraditional "cookware" to have on hand while RVing for all your RV meals.

Without your pantry of go-to ingredients, arsenal of pots and pans, knives, utensils, and appliances—not to mention stove and refrigerator—how are you supposed to cook?

Chill Out

Although not technically a cookware item, a cooler is fundamental to my camp kitchen, but especially if you have two. I use it for drinks, snacks, and other frequently used items. I like the ones with built-in cup holders!

Reserve the other cooler for meal ingredients. A well-insulated cooler that stays closed most of the time can keep the ice and food cold for multiple days.

Foiled Again, LOL

A camp kitchen can never have too much heavy-duty aluminum foil ($7.87, amazon.com). You can wrap food in it to cook directly in the coals, and it can be turned into an instant lid for any pot, pan, or container.

On The Go Bags

Going for a long hike or away from your RV camper during meal time? Pack individual ecofriendly bags of trail mix, which you can make in advance. Other quick RV meals options are fruits, snacks, vegetables, and sandwiches.

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