• Melisa Kennedy

Why I Decided to Do This

As someone who has RH negative blood, I have had my fair share of unusual experiences and unexplained paranormal events. After 22 years of reading and researching everything from RH- blood to aliens, I decided there has to be more light shed on this subject matter.

Whether you're a skeptic when it comes to extraterrestrials existing or you're completely open minded to other explanations of our existence, I invite you to dive into this with me as together we seek the truth about our origins.

As humans, our evolution from apes and the RH factor found in our blood derives from the Rhesus monkey - unless you're RH- blood (read my articles on this!). This strange anomaly is the root of my investigations and what we all should be questioning.

If you like Sci-Fi movies and books, or not quite ready to accept the fact a portion of the human population is possibly alien hybrids, then a softer disclosure such as that of a fictional story may interest you. If so, I invite you to read my new book trilogy, Blood of the Kingdom. The first book, Breaking Truth, is currently available.

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