Wild Teas: Henbit

Tea lovers, like myself, can take pleasure knowing that all the tea varieties they could possibly hope for are, literally, right at their feet. Here at Plains Cottage, I am making something new almost weekly!

Sadly, many of us grew up thinking tea only came in a pre-packaged box of tea bags.

Not true! In fact, tea bags are laced with chemicals that prevent the bags from deteriorating at a rapid pace in the hot water.

Foraging for edible herbs, leaves, flowers and berries can be both exciting and invigorating, and of course, very satisfying.

Here's some #Henbit I picked from my yard. You probably have some too!

Now what do you with it once you forage? Well, I make tea of course!

Pick & Brew Wild Herbs: Henbit Tea

Before you forage anything, invest in a good guide so you’re harvesting only plants that are safe to eat. Also be certain you’re collecting from areas that have not been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals.

Henbit Herbal Tea Directions:

Just combine a handful of fresh henbit with 1-4 cups boiled, filtered water. Adjust as needed depending on the strength desired and how strong you like your tea. Leave steeping for 10 minutes, several hours, or even overnight.

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